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3 Ancient Tantric Secrets to Revitalize the Modern You

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"Ria truly understands the underlying sexual shame that our society holds onto. With her relational skill set, she opens up hearts and makes pleasure safe again."

Jay N.Technology Consultant

"Ria is pure magic. She is present within the space and within her body. The container she creates is filled with love, tenderness, kindness and laughter. It is a rare and beautiful experience to explore your sensuality in the world she creates with the people around her."

Kim A. Psychologist

"Ria facilitated the taking down of internal barriers I never realized existed, guiding me into a world I only thought was possible by dreaming."

George T.Entrepreneur

Pleasure is Your Birthright!

Like you, I didn’t have the proper guidance and grew up shackled in sexual shame and guilt. Every curse word and insult I heard at the peak of my innocence was some form of sexual slang. I had no idea how I was creating my own suffering from my crazy monkey mind. I did everything by the book and still felt empty inside. After getting my heart broken over and over again, I had enough of the same destructive patterns popping up and creating havoc in my life.

I became obsessed with learning about relationships and sex. I spent over $150,000 and invested years of my life learning about love and intimacy:

  • A Master’s in Social Organizational Psychology from Columbia University

  • Studied Evidence Based Executive Coaching 

  • Faculty apprentice at the International School of Temple Arts

  • Comprehensive bodywork, Synchro Way of Life in Japan 

My purpose in life is to share a loving way for you to relate with your body, your emotions, your life. Enjoy a total sexual and relationship UPGRADE.

I’m honored to have worked with clients all over the world who had the courage to ask questions and seek guidance. I have studied and collaborated with some of the most talented shamans and Tantrikas in the world who are also on a mission to heal sexual shame and guilt.


What actually is Tantra?

TANTRA TASTER is an introductory workshop for all people to explore and experience a transmission of freedom and love. We are bombarded with opinions and demands about our own bodies and love life. We are swimming in judgements that come from society, our families and even from within ourselves. This work is about unveiling each unique person to be their most free, conscious, and loving selves. We will be sharing stories and guided exercises on how to have a richer experience with the person in front of you. Most importantly, letting the person within you come out to play and feel more embodied in a safe space.

All experience levels, sexual orientations, and gender identities are welcomed. Come partnered and or solo, this introductory workshop is to help everyone deepen individually and collectively. This is a safe, sacred, and body positive space.

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Tantra Coaching Packages & Sessions

Are you ready to set a direction and goal in where you want to go?

I come alive in people’s hearts and minds through my Tantra Workshops and Tantra Coaching. When you’re done with the program others will see your brilliance, power, and inspiration!

  • Get in touch with your innate wisdom resiliency,
  • Feel more connected and in love with your body, as is!
  • Feel safe knowing you are pure love, magic, nature itself, and perfection
  • Express yourself in ways you haven’t before
  • Share this gift with your friends, family and lover
  • Feel clarity, passion, connection, vulnerable

My promise to you is you’ll be further along your path of self discovery and connected with your body’s pleasure like never before.

For true transformation, the Tantra Packages are designed for a one month Tantric deep dive.

Sacred Union

How to Revitalize my Relationships through Tantra


Exploration on your sensual enthusiasms and blocks
What is your relationship to sensuality and sexuality?
How to bridge the gap from feelings of burden into passion
Step by step guided Tantric practices for intimacy and connection
What lights you up?
How to sync in with your lover
3 Coaching Sessions:
Week 1: Tantric Power Hour (60 min)
Week 2: Mid Session Check-in (30 min)
Week 3: Follow Through (30 min)

Sacred Union

Tantric Liberation

How to Transmute Feelings into Life Force Energy


Learn the art and science of Tantric emotional release tools to transform dysphoric emotions into energetic power
In a safe space, bring the unnamed feelings out of the shadow and into breathing a fresh start
When you can clear what no longer serves you, you can make room for more sensuality and pleasure
2 Coaching Sessions + 3 Emotional Release Tools (Videos)
Week 1: Tantric Power Hour (60 min) identify the 3 core emotions that fuel your patterns of reactions and behavior
Week 2: Three Emotional Release Tools (Custom Videos)
Week 3: Integration Call (30 min)

Tantric Liberation

Awakening Love

Master the Art of Tantric Self Love & Acceptance


Learn how to fall in love with yourself, as is, because you are already perfect!
Harmonize the masculine and feminine polarities within
Metabolize any expectations and shed excess weight from your psyche
3 Coaching Sessions + Home Play Practices
Week 1: Tantric Coaching Call (30 min) + Home Play
Week 2: Bridge Call (30 min) + Home Play
Week 3: Integration Call (30min)

Awakening Love

Single Session

Tantric Power Hour Plus


Self Discovery Questionnaire + 60 min Tantric Coaching Call

Single Session